Weathering the Rails


You will for sure notice in the future, should you follow kitCRAFT that i really have a thing for all things railway. Thats been the case since i was just 5 years old when i started messing around with toy trains and cardboard ‘scratchbuilt’ stations and stuff. That passion for railway never actually faded even though i never actually built anything rail related, strange indeed. This one is from another great artist, Rick Lawler guiding us trough the process of painting and weathering railway wagon with quite amazing end results. It’s all perhaps just a ‘Propaganda’ at the end!? 🙂

Read the entire thing on Weathering the Rails – by Rick Lawler – HERE

P.S. You will notice that i’ve put this one into AFV category as well, thats because all these techniques described by Rick can as well be used for weathering army vehicles too!

Featured photo copyright by Rick Lawler!


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