Article submission tips & rules

How to submit and article to Model Kit Craft:

First of all, we try to feature high quality work in order to raise modelling standards and to be able to constantly offer top quality tips and techniques to our fellow modelers looking to learn something new or just to enjoy good work.

Now, no matter of the article type you are submitting, you will need to send us the following:

– Photos of your work
– Text to accompany your article – a few sentences will do
– Photo captions (this is the text explaining each photo – this is optional)
– Some info about yourself – full name, short bio, email, web page link…


Please make sure you follow these rules when sending photos:

– Photos have to be minimum 800px wide! 1600px wide is recommended and anything in between is OK!
– JPEG images are preferred. Please do not send BMP images as those are too heavy and not recommended for online use.
– Single color background on all photos! You can use White, gray, blue, brown, black… Photos with an ashtray or beer can in the background of the model are unacceptable ūüėČ
– Focus and clarity! Please make sure your model is in focus and not blurred.
– If you do not have a lightbox or detachable flash, please take photos outside, in a shade to get nice, smooth and even shadows. Avoid direct sunlight!
– Please do not compress your JPEG photos, just resize them to 1600px wide and send to us.
– Please name your photos numerically and in order, like for example ‘000.jpg, 001.jpg… or photo01.jpg, photo02.jpg and so on.
– Please, do not submit Word documents with the images embedded in them! It is far too much work to extract the images and format them appropriately for our html documents. Submit the images separately, please.


Text is basically optional as we all know that one photo is worth a 1000 words but it is recommended to accompany your photos with some descriptive text. We will run all the texts trough spelling and grammar software to make sure everything is perfect. There are no limitations in text amount/length.

Please, submit your text as either MS Word document or simple .txt file (notepad)!

When you are writing your text, keep your photos in mind. If there is a close up shot of the fuel tank, be sure and add in some text telling how you got the desired effects shown in the photo. Also, if you wish, you can mark up where each image should be placed within the text.

At the end of the text, please put your full name, your email, your webpage (optional) and any other info about yourself. We need this so we can link your copyright in the article with an email link to you. This is handy for any further questions modelers might have. This is not mandatory, but it sure is helpful.


Now when you have all the photos and text ready, please add them all to a single ZIP or RAR archive. If you are not sure how, you would need a free ‘WinRAR’ or similar software for Windows and ‘The Unarchiver’ or similar for MacOSX. If you really can’t make your way with archiving the files in a single archive no worries, you can just send everything to us by EMAIL¬†although this is NOT a preferred method!

To submit your article go to ARTICLE SUBMISSION page, or email them to us:

If you are still unsure of anything please do not hesitate to contact us via above email address, we will be happy to help!

Please allow at least 2 weeks from submitting your article until we feature it on the site.

All articles remain the copyright of the modeler who submitted them.

Good luck!