About KitCRAFT

What is it about?

Model Kit Craft is intended to be the knowledge base of scale modelling techniques, tips, tricks and guidelines, available to anyone and everyone for free. Designed as an e-magazine for easier navigation Model Kit Craft would feature high quality content only, handpicked by yours truly in order to raise modelling standards and to provide top quality learning material.

Majority of my modelling skills came from various web sources, forums, personal blogs, modelling websites etc, Model Kit Craft is some sort of ‘giving back’ to modelers looking to improve their own skills or just to find needed inspiration for their creations.

While some posts are actually just out-links to a different websites with useful techniques or galleries for that matter, main idea is to host majority of content here on MKC mostly for one reason, content preservation. Just how many times it happened that i bump into an amazing model build only to find out that most of the photos have been removed by image hosting website as their time expired… If this happens after just a year or two then it for sure will not help too many people. MKC server backs up once a week (for last 10 years) and i am slowly becoming hoarder of virtual data, as well as scale model kits!

At the end, idea behind Model Kit Craft is not new, i just got a bit tired of ‘modelling’ websites showing more adverts of all kinds than actual modelling related stuff, vibrant banners flashing all around with no ‘some individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to flashing banners and adverts’ warning… Sorry for this sarcasm, i mean a couple of sponsor banners, tastefully designed and positioned is ok but hurting my eyes with all 16 mil. colors that your screen can reproduce is just too much. There, i said it! 🙂

Why ‘coffee time’?

For years now, every morning during my coffee time i would browse the internet and relax enjoying amazing models and dioramas from various artists from all around the world. Sure enough i would bookmark one or two of the best finds every day for later reading and inspiration. ‘Coffee time’ is a sort of my public bookmarks, so my best daily finds would be shared for others to enjoy them as much as i do! These articles range from model galleries, techniques, simple tips, full builds and anything else that fuels my imagination and passion for scale modelling. Main page top section is serving fresh ‘coffee time’ articles every day! 😉

Can i submit and article to Model Kit Craft or contribute in any way?

Absolutely! If you have a tip or technique to share, perhaps just a gallery of your finished model, please do not hesitate to send it to us on: editorial@modelkitcraft.com! Also, if you happen to come across of something interesting and amazing, while having a coffee or tea, just send me an email with a link and i will publish it right away. For more help on article submission please read ‘Submission Tips & Rules’.

Thank You and have a nice time on KitCRAFT!